Global Politics

GLOBAL POLITICS (Higher & Standard Levels)

In Global Politics, students get to explore how individuals and societies are impacted in an increasingly interconnected world through analyzing contemporary political issues. The study of global politics enables students to critically engage with a variety of perspectives and approaches to politics through the most common theories within International relations, Human rights, Development and Peace and conflict, in order to comprehend the challenges of the changing world and become aware of their role in it as active global citizens.

The Global politics course explores fundamental political concepts such as power, equality, sustainability, and peace in a range of contexts. It allows students to develop an understanding of the local, national, international and global dimensions of political activity and processes, as well as to explore political issues affecting their own lives. The course helps students to understand political concepts by grounding them in real-world examples and case studies. It also invites students to take a more practical approach in their SL internal assessment, which combines a practical engagement activity (eg. a short internship) with secondary research. The HL internal assessment requires students to develop the skills to deliver a political speech.

Global politics provides a uniquely rich context in which to explore the relationship between people and power.

Global Politics will only be taught on the Moshi Campus.