The IB Diploma is an academically demanding and balanced programme of education that helps students get ready for success at university and life beyond. The above model provides a visual depiction of the DP’s various components which make it such an exceptional holistic programme and these include:

  1. At the centre is the IB Learner Profile which are the attributes the IB expects to see grow and develop in the life of the student
  2. Approaches to teaching and learning are included in the second circle demonstrating the DP’s commitment to particular pedagogical approaches to teaching and to developing particular skills for learning.
  3. The IB Diploma is a holistic programme and this is reflected in the third circle. All Diploma students complete three core requirements: Creativity, Activity & Service, Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay.
  4. As the diagram’s fourth and widest circle shows, DP students study six subjects — one from each subject group. To attain a Diploma at the conclusion of the 2-year programme of study, three courses must be taken at Higher Level and three at Standard Level. These distribution requirements ensure that the science-oriented student is challenged to learn a foreign language and that the natural linguist becomes familiar with laboratory procedures. While overall balance is maintained, flexibility in selecting an extra subject from one subject group allows the students to pursue areas of personal interest and to meet special requirements for university entrance.
  5. With “international-mindedness”, the outer circle gives the required emphasis to how all DP teaching and learning should take place within a spirit of tolerance and healthy openness as students grow as global citizens.