Choosing your course

Diploma versus Course status

You need to choose a programme that you will find interesting and rewarding to study over two years. You need recognized qualifications that give you flexibility and choice for the next stage of your life.
Rather than meeting all the requirements for the IB Diploma, students may elect to study a number of IB Diploma subjects at Higher or Standard Level to gain individual IB course credits. They do the full coursework and examinations in these subjects but are exempted from Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay. Many Course students excel because the workload and subject areas are tailored to their interests and capabilities. Good course student scores will gain you entry into many universities. Competitive European universities will usually require the IB Diploma for entrance, but many higher education courses will also be available in Europe to candidates holding good Course results.

Course programmes must be designed to meet graduation requirements at a minimum.

Students selected by National Committees are required to follow the Diploma Programme.

DP Subject choices

Diploma courses are all 2-year courses, so it is important that you think through your choices. You can talk to teachers, current students, your parents and the Diploma Programme Coordinator, but remember the final decision must be yours. Ideally, your Higher-level subjects should be those for which you have a high level of competence and interest; your current teacher will make recommendations regarding academic competence. You should review the course descriptions in this handbook carefully, watch the videos on the website and consult the timetable categories to determine which courses may conflict with one another. Since universities often have specific course requirements for certain majors, you should consider your future goals as you plan your programme. Finally, this may be your last opportunity to take courses in certain subject areas, like the arts, and we encourage you to branch out and explore all the academic courses on offer.