Life & Diploma Success Skills

Life Skills

All IB Diploma students participate in a two-year Life Skills course. The course is a continuation of the Life Skills curriculum that runs throughout the Middle Years Programme. At IB Diploma level, lessons aim to cover social, personal skills, and topics that relate particularly to young adults in preparation for life after UWCEA. Preparation for college/university and career exploration are also a component of your coursework. In addition, there is a focus on interpersonal skills, group dynamics and the practical skills that UWCEA students will need to use on leaving school – for example basic cookery, budgeting of personal finances, CV/resume writing, interviewing, debating and discussion skills. Some of the issues students face when studying in a new country such as loneliness, homesickness and racism are also examined. There is also an element of this course that addresses current events and issues as they arise to meet the needs of the students.

Diploma Success Skills

Students will be guided on how to approach research and develop academic writing skills by practising tools for developing questions, methodologies, referencing, academic integrity and academic language for essay writing in all subjects across the Diploma Programme.