Group 1
Language & Literature

Each student who wishes to follow the IB Diploma must take two language courses. In most cases, this involves one from Group 1 (usually their best language) and one from Group 2 (a language acquisition course) but students who take two subjects from group 1 will be awarded a Bilingual Diploma.

Group 1 courses are designed to support future academic study by developing high levels of language competence and communication skills as well as social, aesthetic and cultural literacy. Literature plays a central role in the courses, which aim to support lifelong learning through engaging students as actively as possible with the texts they study. Each course highlights a different perspective in the study of texts.

Group 1 courses are suitable for students who have experience of using the language in an academic context. This is not a course with emphasis on grammar, syntax and other basic competencies in that language.

In Group 1 courses have a focus towards developing an understanding of the techniques involved in literary criticism in context and promoting the ability to form independent literary judgments.

Language A Literature courses will be offered in English, Swahili and Self-taught Mother Tongue.

The Language and Literature course is only in English (and only on Moshi Campus).