Music (Higher and Standard Level)

The IB Diploma Programme music course seeks to develop students’ knowledge and potential as musicians, both personally and collaboratively. IB Diploma Programme music students are required to study musical perception and actively listen to a wide range of music from different parts of the world, musical cultures and time periods. They also develop aural perception and understanding of music by learning about musical elements, including form and structure, notations, musical terminology and context. Through the course of study, students become aware of how musicians work and communicate.

Music functions as a means of personal and communal identity and expression and embodies the social and cultural values of individuals and communities. This scenario invites exciting exploration and sensitive study.

Course Objectives

Having followed the Music course students are expected to:

  • demonstrate knowledge, understanding and perception of music in relation to time, place and cultures
  • use appropriate musical terminology to describe and reflect their critical understanding of music
  • apply comparative analysis of music in relation to time, place and cultures.
  • exhibit creative skills through exploration, control and development of musical elements
  • demonstrate performance skills through solo or group music making
  • show critical-thinking skills through reflective thought.