BIOLOGY (Higher & Standard Level)

The content and level of the programme is set to provide a sound preparation for college or university. It is therefore suitable for students planning to study courses requiring a biological qualification e.g. Biochemistry, Dentistry, Medicine, Agriculture or Pharmacy.

Students wishing to study Higher-level Biology need a good background in Biology and Chemistry. If they plan to pursue the subject beyond IB Diploma, they are also advised to study IB Diploma Chemistry at least at Standard level. Fieldwork is an important part of the course and will be undertaken at various levels.

Course objectives:

The underlying basic concepts in Biology are the relationship between structure and function, adaptations and interdependence, dynamic equilibrium and evolution. These themes run throughout the course at core, additional higher level and options. It is hoped that students will acquire a limited body of facts, and at the same time develop a broad, general understanding and appreciation of the underlying biological concepts