CHEMISTRY (Higher and Standard Level)

The Science of Chemistry is studied as a preparation for many different occupations. It is essential for those who wish to study Medicine, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or Chemical Engineering, and is important as a link subject, studied often in combination with Physics or with Biology.

Course Objectives

The primary goal of the Chemistry course is to provide a solid foundation in the basic concepts and facts of chemistry, particularly those needed by future scientists and engineers. It gives students an appreciation of the importance of chemistry to society in general and to daily life in particular. Because of the logical nature of chemistry, the course will also develop skills in analytical thinking and problem solving. When both the experimental and logical nature of chemistry are seen together in lecture and laboratory settings our students better appreciate how scientists work, how observations are used to formulate theories and how theories are used to suggest additional experiments. Our students who perform well are those who have developed logical skills combined with good recall, methodical working and the ability to apply principles learned to new situations.

Chemists know that the tools of logic and reason lead directly not to fact, but to theory, and that any good theory must still face such questions as, ‘Is the theory right or wrong?’ The appreciation of these distinctions, together with reasoning skills, has significance far beyond the chemistry classroom or laboratory. This links Chemistry to the Theory of Knowledge aspects of the IB Diploma.